About Watershed

Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. We measure our success in the carbon reduction achievements of our customers. We are looking for team members who love product-building, want to work hard at a mission-oriented startup, and will collaborate with us in shaping the culture of a growing team.

We have offices in San Francisco and London and remote team members across the US and Europe. We hope that you'll be interested in joining us!

The role

Every customer's journey with Watershed starts with a detailed measurement of their carbon footprint. Your role will be to design the measurement methodologies that power this assessment and guide our customers' decarbonization journey. In so doing, you will be drawing the blueprint for the core of our product.

You’ll dive into everything from electricity consumption to cheese purchases to apparel production to crypto transactions. You'll work closely with our software engineering and data science teams, and directly with customers as hard measurement questions arise in the context of their businesses.

Compliance with current accounting standards will be the floor; but guiding real, deep decarbonization will be your north star. You’ll ensure that our measurements reveal opportunities for emissions reductions, and capture the impact of successful decarbonization initiatives — everything from improved manufacturing processes, to lower carbon materials, to vendor choice.

You might be a fit if you:

  • Have experience in life cycle assessment and/or corporate greenhouse gas footprinting (national or subnational measurement background also a plus!)
  • Have helped drive impactful decarbonization initiatives based on your GHG measurements
  • Love to go deep in multiple subject areas and tackle challenges that cross disciplines; are undaunted by diving into new technical domains
  • Want to shape the future of corporate climate action, and ensure it’s built on solid measurement and scientifically-grounded plans
  • Have a technical degree or practical engineering experience — bonus points for masters or Ph.D


What’s your approach to remote work?

Watershed is hiring team members on all US and EU time zones, and we’re committed to growing a long-term distributed team. We have hub offices in San Francisco and London, and remote team members from Oregon to New Jersey to Ireland. There may be certain jobs that need to be in San Francisco / London or certain locations, and will be specifically noted in the job description or in conversations.

What are Watershed’s return-to-office plans?

We reopened our San Francisco office in June 2021, and treasure the energy and collaboration that comes from working together in person. We’re particularly lucky to have a great rooftop outdoor space, where we can gather for lunch, one-on-one’s, and the occasional outdoor whiteboarding session. We’re also investing deeply to support remote as a first-class hub, with regular Zoom social times, an emphasis on transparency and written artifacts, and periodic offsites to gather everybody in person.

We’re a COVID-cautious company. The office is open to vaccinated team members with regular testing, and we’ll continue to pay close attention to case rates to ensure it’s safe for everybody.

Do I need X years of experience, climate experience, etc.?

No, Watershed is hiring team members with a broad range of prior experience, and we’d love to talk with you regardless of yours. We prioritize mentorship on the job. There maybe certain jobs that will need X years of experience, and will be specifically noted in the job description.

What’s the interview process like?

It starts the same for every candidate: getting to know the team members through 1 to 2 conversations about Watershed, your experience, and your interests. Next steps can vary by role, but usual next steps are a skill or experience screen (e.g. a coding interview for an engineer, a portfolio review for a designer, deeper experience call for other roles) which leads to a (usually virtual) onsite interview after that if the screens go well. We prioritize transparency and lack of surprise throughout the process.

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