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Carbon emissions data to drive climate action

Get robust, global Scope 3 carbon emissions data with Watershed’s Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA).

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The most comprehensive emissions database

CEDA includes 60,000 emissions factors from 400 industries across 148 countries and regions, covering 95% of the world’s GDP. As a multi-regional environmentally extended input-output (EEIO) database, CEDA is unique—providing annually updated data that reflects global decarbonization in your footprint.

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Solving the carbon data challenge

CEDA was developed by Dr. Sangwon Suh, who has spent more than 20 years building the foundations of global carbon data—as an architect of the GHG Protocol, IPCC author, and founder of VitalMetrics (acquired by Watershed).

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Built for companies with global supply chains

CEDA’s emissions factors reflect the complexity of global production and trade—accounting for the significant variance in energy systems and emissions profiles between regions. Single-region models can’t do this, leading to incomplete emissions calculations.

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Current, real-world data

While other databases use decades-old information, CEDA’s emissions factors are updated annually. This ensures the data reflects global decarbonization achieved through governmental action and technological advancements.

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Available as a powerful standalone dataset

CEDA synthesizes complex climate science and macroeconomic changes so you can easily calculate Scope 3 emissions. Integrate CEDA into your in-house process or your measurement services and drive value of world class emissions data for you or your customers.

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Go deeper on CEDA

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  • How to access and use CEDA
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