January 2024 product updates

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It’s a new year, with a new product update series! Here’s a quick roundup of new Watershed capabilities that came out in the last month.

Support now in Watershed

You can contact support, directly from within Watershed. In the lower left corner of the app, you’ll see a button that says “Help.” The help button will give you the option to go to the learning hub or contact Watershed support.

A screenshot showing the support button in Watershed.

Tasks and footprint data sharing in your network

See your customers’ or investors’ requests for emissions data as tasks, and share your footprint data directly from Watershed.

A screenshot showing how network tasks show up in Watershed

Customize your emissions factors

You can now browse and customize emissions factors for a number of commonly utilized methodologies. Watershed provides advanced out-of-the-box calculation methodologies that make it easy to convert the data your company has to environmental impacts. In some cases, you may need to customize that methodology to ensure consistency with previous measurements or reflect more granular information from suppliers.

Customize your commute assumptions

When you measure emissions from your employees’ commutes (part of scope 3.7), Watershed estimates the commute mix and distance using averages published by governments and data aggregators. You can now customize your commute data, including in-office days, WFH days, mode of transportation, and average distance. This lets you reflect real-world progress on reducing emissions from commutes.

Updated measurement flows for physical products

Measuring physical products (3.1, 3.11, 3.12) has a new experience and updated methodology. Updates include the ability to estimate Tier 1 supplier utilities from spend when activity isn’t available, and transparency and control in deciding what emissions factors to map to your products and materials.

Limited 3.15 measurement available for all customers

If you don’t already use Watershed Finance to measure your financed emissions, you can now access a limited 3.15 measurement in our corporate product. This new functionality only measures equity and debt investments and is intended to satisfy SBTi compliance. Support for more types of asset classes and more advanced capabilities are available in the Watershed Finance product.

Thanks for reading this month's update! We hope you enjoy using these new capabilities.

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