Two Watershed employees sitting on a couch at the San Francisco office, happily looking at a laptop

Work at Watershed

Climate change is an urgent problem with a multitude of ways to contribute. At Watershed, you can maximize your impact on the fight against climate change while focusing your day-to-day work on what you do best.

We believe companies are critical actors in the race to get the world's emissions to net zero, and we measure our success in the tonnes of emissions prevented by our customers. If the intersection of technology and climate interests you, please get in touch.

We’re backed by investors and advisors including Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Al Gore, Mark Carney, Christiana Figueres, John & Patrick Collison, and Laurene Powell Jobs.


We’re deeply committed to an equitable recruiting process and an inclusive culture that welcomes individuals across all races, ages, abilities, sexualities, gender identities/expressions, ethnicities, nationalities, and class backgrounds. This is especially critical in the climate space, which heavily intersects questions of equity and social justice.

Climate Science & Data