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Introducing Watershed Supply Chain

Introducing Watershed Supply Chain, the first solution dedicated to helping businesses reduce carbon emissions at scale across their supply chain. Our goal is to make measuring, understanding, and reducing emissions across busines...

Better Climate joins Watershed
Watershed HQ

Watershed welcomes BetterClimate to our team!

We are thrilled to announce that the two-person BetterClimate team is joining Watershed. Co-founders Spencer Hall and Aresh Mahtabfar are bringing their deep sector knowledge and tireless drive to deliver for customers to help exp...

Leah Stokes on the IRA for businesses

How companies can leverage the Inflation Reduction Act

It's official: The Inflation Reduction Act is now law, and adds ~$369B to the climate fight. The business implications of this are immense: the IRA offers new tax credits for everything from electric vehicles to heat pumps, allowi...

Image with text "Build a lean climate program"

How to build a lean corporate climate program, fast

Companies are facing mounting pressures to create effective climate programs. But doing so from scratch is difficult, especially if you’re in a complex business with many different systems, tools, and data sources. A good starter...

ESG for IPO Readiness

Why ESG reporting is a critical part of your IPO filing

Increasingly, ESG reporting is a standard for companies looking to IPO—and looking to increase financial performance. If you’re considering an IPO, or have already started the process, here’s what you need to know about climate re...

Image with title "How we measure carbon emissions"

Watershed’s approach to measuring corporate emissions

Measuring carbon emissions is the foundation for real climate action. But measurement is complicated, and not all approaches are equal. In this guide we cover what companies need to know about measurement—from evaluating the major...

Climate news

EU/UK reporting obligations: preparing for 2023

The climate crisis demands urgent action, and regulators in the EU and UK are taking strict but critical measures to ensure the private sector does its part. As this surge of new climate legislation can be overwhelming to track, w...

Image with text "SFDR guide"

Demystifying SFDR for financial firms and advisors

As demand for sustainable financial products grows, investors are increasingly looking for data on how investments actually promote sustainability—and on how climate risks may impact their value. The EU’s mandatory Sustainable Fin...

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