The highest-impact corporate climate programs run on Watershed.

We work with some of the world’s most ambitious, forward-thinking Climate Leads to build climate programs with real results.

Our goal for 2030 is to help our customers reduce their emissions by an aggregate 500+ megatonnes of CO2e per year, or roughly 1% of current global emissions.

Reporting real progress, year after year.

Many of our customers publicly share their climate progress in annual reports detailing their numbers, initiatives, and commitments. Browse through some of their most recent reports.

Grid of avatars and logos of climate leads we work with

Climate Leads

Climate Leads are the internal champions of driving decarbonization within companies. They do the work behind the scenes to mobilize businesses to solve climate change.

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With Watershed, we’re able to double click into a material basis or a product basis or a category basis, so that we can find the ripest of the low-hanging fruit.

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New Relic

I encourage other sustainability teams to embrace climate software early on. If you’re setting science-based targets, Watershed makes it really easy to understand the steps you need to take to meet them.

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The Watershed team helped make the emissions measurement feel more approachable, and helped us channel our energy into concrete goals.

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