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Get ahead of climate disclosures with everything you need for investor-grade, audit-ready reporting.

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Illustration of report cards with TCFD, CDP, etc logos from each year
Illustration of report cards with TCFD, CDP, etc logos from each year
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Assess your disclosure requirements

Identify disclosures that apply to your business and get timelines and requirements for compliance.

Illustrated screenshot of reporting screen, showing CDP, TCFD, and SECR options

Build high-quality reports, faster

Use smart workflows to create disclosures that meet reporting requirements for TCFD, CDP, and more. Leverage past measurements, targets, and reduction plans to auto-populate multiple reports at once.

Illustration of line chart of emissions categories with CDP and TCFD reports

Create best-in-class responses

Review publicly available peer responses and high-quality disclosure examples, section by section. Include relevant climate risks from a proprietary risks and opportunities library.

The Watershed difference


Deep experience

We work closely with investors, CFOs, and boards of leading global enterprises and financial institutions. We know what good reporting looks like, with a wealth of benchmarks and best practices to guide you.


Streamlined submissions

When you use a software platform like Watershed, you get all the advantages of a system that’s built to efficiently manage huge volumes of complex data. What does that mean for you? Less work, faster results, and full transparency and auditability.


Shared expertise

We’ve built a team of policy, climate science, and data experts to ensure we understand the regulations in depth and have the changing landscape on lock. We’ll give you the tools to succeed, so you can stop worrying about climate compliance and focus on running your business.

Understanding the SEC’s new carbon disclosure rule

The SEC is close to publishing the final version of a rule that would require public companies to begin reporting their carbon emissions and reductions progress alongside their financial results. In this guide we cover who this proposal applies to, what it asks for specifically, and what the SEC’s next steps are.

TCFD standards: what companies need to know

Companies & CFOs are now expected to report their carbon emissions with the same rigor they bring to financial results. But what exactly needs to be disclosed? And to whom? And how?

TCFD, CDP, GRI…where should you start when it comes to voluntary reporting?

The alphabet soup of carbon-reporting acronyms can be intimidating. When it comes to voluntary reporting standards, which drive the most value for your business?

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