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Introducing Watershed Supply Chain

Introducing Watershed Supply Chain, the first solution dedicated to helping businesses reduce carbon emissions at scale across their supply chain. Our goal is to make measuring, understanding, and reducing emissions across busines...

Better Climate joins Watershed
Watershed HQ

Watershed welcomes BetterClimate to our team!

We are thrilled to announce that the two-person BetterClimate team is joining Watershed. Co-founders Spencer Hall and Aresh Mahtabfar are bringing their deep sector knowledge and tireless drive to deliver for customers to help exp...

Steve Davis, Head of Climate Science at Watershed
Watershed HQ

Welcoming Steve Davis to lead climate science

Steve Davis is a professor of earth system science at UC Irvine, a highly-cited scientist, contributing author of the energy systems chapter of the latest IPCC assessment report (AR6), lead author of the mitigation chapter of the ...

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Expanding in Europe with new HQ & team

Europe is at the forefront of solving climate change. The EU and UK have aggressive plans to cut carbon in half this decade, and they’re both counting on businesses to play a key role: revamped regulations require tens of thousand...

Decarbonization Update
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An update on the race to decarbonize

We’re in the midst of a tipping point in the fight against climate change. This week’s IPCC report put the severity of the crisis in stark relief, and we’re seeing the grim evidence of climate impacts every day: record-breaking he...

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Bending the carbon curve

Companies that manage carbon like they manage their core business are leading the way on the fight against climate change. We’re building Watershed to make this approach—deep reductions, fast, operationalized across the company—a ...