Using Watershed to manage water and waste

Beyond carbon: Watershed expands into water and waste data

measure drop of water

When it comes to understanding and mitigating your environmental impact, carbon emissions are a big piece of the puzzle. But many companies are seeking a more holistic view of their environmental impact, especially as regulations like the CSRD come online.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ll be bringing water and waste data into the Watershed platform experience, in addition to Watershed’s industry-leading data ingestion and management capabilities for greenhouse gas emissions.

Using Watershed, companies can now ingest, track, and manage all of their environmental data in a single platform, making it easier than ever to get a cohesive view of their environmental impact.

The new water and waste functionality complements Watershed’s best-in-class solutions for scope 1-3 emissions measurement, reporting, and reductions. It also augments existing capabilities dedicated to helping companies analyze and mitigate environmental impacts at the facilities level.

Nearly every company in the world owns or leases buildings, and tracking and reducing those buildings’ environmental impact is a key component of corporate sustainability strategies. Facilities managers need one place, and a standard format, for tracking all their utilities data, including scope 2 emissions, water, and waste. With this data together on one platform, facilities managers and climate leads can work together on identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact and track their progress.

Water and waste data ingestion will be generally available in the Watershed platform starting mid-November.

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