Leah Stokes on the IRA for businesses

How companies can leverage the Inflation Reduction Act

It's official: The Inflation Reduction Act is now law, and adds ~$369B to the climate fight. The business implications of this are immense: the IRA offers new tax credits for everything from electric vehicles to heat pumps, allowi...

Image with text "Build a lean climate program"

How to build a lean corporate climate program, fast

Companies are facing mounting pressures to create effective climate programs. But doing so from scratch is difficult, especially if you’re in a complex business with many different systems, tools, and data sources. A good starter...

ESG for IPO Readiness

Why ESG reporting is a critical part of your IPO filing

Increasingly, ESG reporting is a standard for companies looking to IPO—and looking to increase financial performance. If you’re considering an IPO, or have already started the process, here’s what you need to know about climate re...

Image with title "How we measure carbon emissions"

Watershed’s approach to measuring corporate emissions

Measuring carbon emissions is the foundation for real climate action. But measurement is complicated, and not all approaches are equal. In this guide we cover what companies need to know about measurement—from evaluating the major...

Image with text "SFDR guide"

Demystifying SFDR for financial firms and advisors

As demand for sustainable financial products grows, investors are increasingly looking for data on how investments actually promote sustainability—and on how climate risks may impact their value. The EU’s mandatory Sustainable Fin...

The ROI of a Climate Program

The business value of a climate programme

Over the last decade, the environment in which businesses operate has been upended. Regulation, science, and ultimately a cultural shift have put climate action at the center of corporate responsibility. The good news? Prioritizin...


SECR carbon reporting: a guide for UK companies

The UK's new programme, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), encouraging more efficient operations, while expanding the mandated reporting scope to ensure companies are taking real action on carbon. Here's what you need...

Textured map of the EU and UK

EU and UK climate disclosure programmes: an overview

Governments are asking companies harder questions about climate action, with Europe leading the way. While the EU and UK already require large companies to report some energy and emissions data, these programmes are expanding in w...

Illustration of bio-oil sequestration carbon removal, by Yukai Du

Carbon removal and offsets: a buyer’s guide

This is the make-or-break decade for climate action, and companies are leading the charge. But while there’s now wide consensus on the initial steps—measuring footprints, sourcing clean power, and decarbonizing supply chains—there...

Science Based Targets logo

Science-based targets: a guide for companies

Companies everywhere are taking a new approach to managing their carbon footprint—focused on deep reductions in emissions rather than cheap offsets. This approach is critical if we’re to stave off the worst of climate change. But...


TCFD standards: what companies need to know

We’re in a new climate era. Companies and CFOs are now expected to report their carbon emissions with the same rigour they bring to their financial results. To promote consistency, the Financial Stability Board—a UN-style body fo...

An array of solar panels on a sunny day laid out below, on a grassy field

Clean power: how companies can decarbonize electricity

Zero-carbon electricity is our best existing tool against climate change—the low-hanging fruit of decarbonization. Wind, solar, and other clean power sources are now cost-competitive with coal and natural gas, and are still gettin...

Server racks glowing in a dark data center

Carbon in the cloud

Cloud computing and data centers have become core global infrastructure—and significant drivers of carbon emissions. In this guide, we’re sharing what we’ve learned about calculating emissions from cloud providers and data centers...

Carbon Removal

Building the market for carbon removal

Robust, at-scale carbon removal is critical to stopping climate change. Businesses have a big role to play by purchasing carbon removal today, so it can scale in the future. We recently sat down with Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Charm...

Net Zero standard

A standard for net zero

To solve climate change, the world needs to get to net zero carbon, fast: drastically cutting emissions from every part of the economy and removing what’s left. Today, we emit 50 gigatonnes of CO2e every year. Scientists tell us w...

Aerial photo of downtown Manhattan

Decoupling work from carbon

In the coming months, companies will invite millions of employees back to work as we (hopefully) turn a corner on COVID-19. As companies invent new ways to work, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink the carbon imp...

Building a climate program

Building a world-class climate program

Climate programs are fast becoming standard for companies. Investor pressure is building and climate disclosure is required for large companies in the UK and Europe. Talented employees want to work at companies that are acting on ...