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EU/UK reporting obligations: preparing for 2023

The climate crisis demands urgent action, and regulators in the EU and UK are taking strict but critical measures to ensure the private sector does its part. As this surge of new climate legislation can be overwhelming to track, w...

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Demystifying SFDR for financial firms and advisors

As demand for sustainable financial products grows, investors are increasingly looking for data on how investments actually promote sustainability—and on how climate risks may impact their value. The EU’s mandatory Sustainable Fin...

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Mark Carney on investor demand for climate action

UN special climate envoy Mark Carney recently dropped in for a COP26 debrief focused on what companies need to know about the major changes coming out of Glasgow. Carney himself was the driving force behind one of the largest ann...

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COP26 fallout: a call to action for companies

The world’s leaders just spent two weeks in Glasgow. Despite more or less unanimous agreement that the science and math are emphatic about our course towards catastrophe, they pledged only modest further action before going home. ...

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COP26 preview: what to expect in Glasgow

The COP26 UN climate summit starts in Glasgow on Sunday, kicking off two of the most important weeks in this decisive decade for climate action. This guide is a crash-course explainer on what COP is, how it relates to the Paris A...