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Watershed’s CSRD Readiness series is a virtual event program designed to help companies navigate CSRD. In sessions led by our experts and partners, you’ll get equipped with knowledge for how to complete a CSRD report quickly—and lay the groundwork for continued successful reporting.

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Transition plans in the CSRD and beyond

Global climate regulation is evolving from only requiring emissions disclosures to asking for transition plans. These documents, which outline how companies will address climate impact and prepare for climate risks, are required by the CSDDD (Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive) and the UK’s Transition Plan Taskforce, and companies must disclose transition plan-related details in their CSRD report.

In this session, David Carlin—who led the creation of UNEP Finance Initiative’s risk programming—joined Watershed’s policy team to cover:

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Meeting CSRD audit and assurance requirements

The assurance process on CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) reports can be an intimidating step for companies that begin disclosing in the next couple of years, especially considering some of the strong member state penalties for reporting incorrectly. Alongside experts in ESG audit, assurance, and law, learn how to successfully navigate the CSRD assurance requirements and feel confident you’ll be able to pass audit.

This discussion covers:

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speakers for Acing the Double Materiality Assessment

Acing the Double Materiality Assessment (DMA)

The Double Materiality Assessment (DMA) is the starting point in every organisation’s CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Directive) journey, and lays the foundation for successful reporting. Getting the DMA process right ensures you don’t waste time collecting data on topics irrelevant to your company—and the end product will be a document with business value far beyond CSRD compliance.

This session covers:

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header image for Building a CSRD team

Building a CSRD team

Compiling your company’s CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) report is a cross-functional effort that requires collaboration across diverse teams, from finance and facilities to procurement and beyond. In this session, our expert speakers discussed how companies are approaching internal resourcing for CSRD preparation, and share insights into the most successful strategies.

Topics covered include:

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