CSRD Readiness series: Meeting CSRD audit and assurance requirements

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CSRD Readiness: Meeting CSRD audit and assurance requirements


The assurance process on CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) reports can be an intimidating step for companies that begin disclosing in the next couple of years, especially considering some of the strong member state penalties for reporting incorrectly. Alongside experts in ESG audit, assurance, and law, learn how to successfully navigate the CSRD assurance requirements and feel confident you’ll be able to pass audit.

We’ll cover:

  • How and when to engage assurance providers.
  • How to decide on assurance timelines.
  • What information to collect alongside data points, and how.
  • How assurance works for qualitative vs quantitative data points.

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About the CSRD Readiness Series

Watershed’s CSRD Readiness series is a virtual event program designed to help companies navigate CSRD. In live sessions led by our experts and partners, you’ll get equipped with knowledge for how to complete a CSRD report quickly—and lay the groundwork for continued successful reporting.

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Christina Kopka

Christina Kopka

Director of Customer Success, Watershed

CSRD Readiness series: Meeting CSRD audit and assurance requirements