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Introducing the guide to building a high-impact climate program

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The rules of doing business have changed. Customers, employees, and investors around the world are paying closer attention to the actions companies take—not just the words they say—on climate. The world is demanding climate action—and how companies approach this challenge will determine their future success.

It can be hard to know where to start. Companies must navigate a complex and ever-changing web of policy, regulation, and science, along with the growing pressure to show results—all while continuing to meet your quarterly growth targets.

But there’s hope! At Watershed, we believe that meaningful impact starts at the ground level, with the decisions made every day, in every company around the world. Our uniquely impact-driven approach to climate programs has enabled industry leaders like Stripe, Airbnb, Twitter, and Walmart to develop world-class climate programs that deliver both positive climate impact and business value.

Today, we’re releasing our first-ever guide to building a high-impact climate program.

In this guide, you'll learn the three main components of a high-impact climate program:

  1. Measuring your footprint, starting with granular data collection, processing, and analyzing for actionable insights
  2. Reporting your progress, from sharing climate progress across your organization and stakeholders to complying with regulatory requirements
  3. Turning insights into action, from quick wins (like switching to clean power) to medium- and long-term strategies that scale with you

You’ll also get comprehensive data on the business value associated with climate action, from investment premiums to product growth and employee retention. And, of course, we’ll share real-world case studies of companies whose climate programs are leading the way.

Download our guide today to build a climate program that delivers real impact — and when you’re ready for a partner on your climate journey, give us a call.

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