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In these videos from our June 2023 event, we explore the climate economy: a new era of economic growth being spurred by the private sector investing in—and deriving huge value from—climate action.


Watershed keynote

The Watershed team showcases the latest product developments that will help companies prepare for climate disclosures, carbon measurements and reductions.

State of the climate economy

We’re in the era of the climate economy, where climate action is not just good for the planet; it’s also good for business. Learn about the trends and data powering this moment from climate experts Nat Bullard and Daniel Pacthod.

Sustainability at scale

Leaders from VMware, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and KEEN Footwear speak about how they think about sustainability relative to their company’s overall strategy and what they see as the future risks to their business if they don’t address climate change.

Reliable measurement for real reductions

Hear from Watershed, VitalMetrics, and KPMG leaders about the scientific advances making measurement easier and more actionable, bringing better carbon data to organizations everywhere.

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headshot of Taylor Francis

Taylor Francis

Co-founder, Watershed

headshot of Nat Bullard

Nat Bullard

Analyst, columnist, contributor to BloombergNEF

headshot of Daniel Pacthod

Daniel Pacthod

Senior Partner and Global Co-leader Sustainability, McKinsey & Co.

headshot of Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright

Executive Director, Operational Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

headshot of Matthew Eaton

Matthew Eaton

Supply Chain & Sustainable Sourcing Leader, VMware

headshot of Kirsten Blackburn

Kirsten Blackburn

Director, KEEN Effect, KEEN Footwear

headshot of Dr. Steve Davis

Dr. Steve Davis

Head Scientist, Watershed

headshot of Dr. Sangwon Suh

Dr. Sangwon Suh

Head Scientist, Watershed

headshot of Tegan Keele

Tegan Keele

Climate Data & Technology Leader, KPMG US

headshot of Tara Seshan

Tara Seshan

Head of Product, Watershed

headshot of Leen Badr-el-Din

Leen Badr-el-Din

Head of Customer Success, Watershed

headshot of Ellen Moeller

Ellen Moeller

Head of Europe, Watershed

headshot of Anna Sakellariadis

Anna Sakellariadis

Strategic Customer Success Manager, Watershed

headshot of Maya Granit-Foley

Maya Granit-Foley

Product Manager, Watershed

headshot of Carli Cassel

Carli Cassel

Climate Solutions, Watershed