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Accenture, Google Cloud & Watershed: ESG reporting meets technology


How Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBG), Google® Cloud and Watershed® solve for ESG & CSRD requirements

In this webinar hosted by Accenture Germany, Google® Cloud and Watershed® will discuss how organizations can use technology to meet the challenges of ESG reporting and the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The CSRD, which will come into effect in 2024, will require large companies in the EU to report on their ESG performance in a more detailed and standardized way. This will be a significant challenge for many companies, as it will require them to collect and manage a large amount of data from across their operations.

Join AGBG, Google Cloud and Watershed webinar on Thursday, April 18 I 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm CET, where we will showcase how organizations can use technology to overcome these challenges and create a sustainable reporting process. We will also explore how technology can be used to improve ESG performance and create a more sustainable future.

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Anna Cerf

Anna Cerf

Product Policy Lead, Watershed

accenture, google, watershed logos