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Product carbon footprints: How and why to measure

Tue, December 12, 2023

New climate demands are emerging for consumer goods companies: customers want to know the environmental impact of products they purchase, and public product-level carbon disclosures will soon be mandatory in Europe.

The key to meeting these demands is completing rigorous and granular carbon footprints for your brand’s individual products.

Proactively disclosing climate metrics can be a powerful marketing tool for everything from shoes to food products, and companies that begin product-level carbon footprints now will be prepared to comply with upcoming regulations.

Join Watershed and Nina Khoury, VP of Strategic Operations at SKIMS, for an overview of how and why to calculate product-level carbon emissions.

We’ll cover:

  • Data challenges in calculating product-level carbon footprints–and how to overcome them.
  • Scaling product carbon footprints across thousands of SKUs.
  • Watershed’s methodology for measuring product carbon footprints.

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Nina Khoury

Nina Khoury

VP of Strategic Operations at SKIMS

Yohanna Maldonado

Yohanna Maldonado

Climate Strategy Manager, Watershed

an image of shirts on a hanger