Carbon data to drive climate action

In 2023, Watershed acquired VitalMetrics, maker of the world’s most comprehensive global carbon database. Together, we’re on a mission to bring better carbon data to organizations everywhere.

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Solving the carbon data challenge

Dr. Sangwon Suh has spent 20 years building the foundations of global carbon data — as an architect of the GHG Protocol, IPCC author, and founder of VitalMetrics. He is currently Watershed's Head Climate Scientist.

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Most comprehensive global emissions database

CEDA is a multi-regional input output (MRIO) database with 60,000 emissions factors from 148 countries and 400 activities, updated twice per year. It covers 95% of global emissions and is cited in CDP reports by companies like Macy's, Coca-Cola, and AstraZeneca.

Carbon footprints

More actionable carbon footprints

The majority of carbon footprints rely on single-region models that do not account for the global nature of supply chains and give an incomplete picture of emissions. CEDA more granularly represents the complexity of global goods and services production—where regional energy systems and emissions profiles vary significantly.

CEDA methodology


Global coverage

CEDA includes 60,000 emissions factors from 148 countries covering 95% of the world’s emissions


Trusted source

Published and peer-reviewed methodology trusted by Fortune 500 companies to power their public disclosures


Annual updates

Annual database updates including inflation and currency adjustments



Use partial primary data from suppliers and supplement with emissions factors to get the whole picture


Detailed estimations

Only database available that provides detailed uncertainty characterizations



Methodology aligned with the principles and framework for life cycle assessment (ISO 14040)

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