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Companies within scope need to begin preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Watershed helps you get there.

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What is the CSRD?

The EU is requiring large and listed companies to disclose information on risks and opportunities related to ESG issues, with a particular focus on the impact of their activities on people and the environment.

Does CSRD apply to my company?

The CSRD applies to more than 50,000 companies, both based in the EU and outside. The following cohorts will be required to disclose:

  • Large listed companies, banks, and insurance companies already subject to the NFRD
  • Listed European mid-sized companies
  • Listed European SMEs
  • Large private European companies
  • Non-European companies with significant business in the EU

Measure your footprint, then disclose in line with the CSRD

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Measure your footprint

Directly integrate your systems with Watershed to calculate your entire carbon footprint using transparent, state-of-the-art methodologies already verified by the most exacting auditors.

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Begin your CSRD report

Work with Watershed to build your CSRD disclosures across risks & opportunities, strategy, governance, and more.

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  • As the CSRD significantly broadens the scope of NFRD, it is expected to roughly quadruple the number of covered organisations to over 50,000 companies—many of which will be required to report their full carbon emissions for the first time. The new regulations also cover an estimated 10,000 non-EU companies with significant operations in Europe.
  • The CSRD will apply to EU-based public companies (only excluding micro-enterprises), alongside all EU-based private organisations considered to be “large”— i.e., that have two or more of (1) 250+ employees, (2) €40m+ annual revenues, (3) €20m+ balance sheet.
  • For many non-EU parent companies, their EU subsidiaries will qualify for CSRD reporting if they meet the criteria above. That will require reporting by their EU subsidiaries, with some reporters opting to consolidate reporting and report at the global level.
  • However, the CSRD will eventually layer on separate requirements for non-EU companies, extending the scope of firms included, and requiring CSRD reporting to cover the whole entity – including the parent company – not just their EU activity.
  • This second wave of requirements will specifically apply if a non-EU parent has €150m+ in annual EU revenues, with at least one branch or subsidiary where: (1) the branch has €40m+ in annual EU revenues, (2) the subsidiary is either EU-listed or meets the large criteria above.

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