May 2024 product updates

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May brought exciting enhancements to Watershed’s platform—from reporting to anomaly detection and beyond. Here’s a roundup of the new capabilities that have come out in the past month.

Custom reports

Custom reports give you the flexibility to respond to any reporting request beyond the regulatory frameworks Watershed already supports. It’s simple: if the data is in Watershed, you can put it in a custom report. Easily combine headers, text, and saved views of your data to build unique reports that meet the specific needs of your business.

image showing part of a custom report within Watershed

Saved views landing page

The new saved views landing page in drilldown is your one-stop shop to find templates and access all of your team’s saved views and relevant metadata. You can seamlessly search, filter, and sort your saved views to find the data you’re looking for.

saved views homepage showing a list of saved views of data in drilldown

Improved visibility of supplier-specific emissions factors (EFs)

In Watershed Supply Chain, supplier-specific EFs are now easily searchable via the supplier detail page. Any available EFs for that supplier will be listed, including those collected from publicly available sources such as CDP as well as via supplier engagement. By leveraging Watershed’s proprietary climate data engine, supplier primary data can be transformed into audit-ready supplier-specific EFs that add granularity to your Scope 3 emissions calculations.

list of emissions factors for Amazon

Anomaly detection is live for facilities

You can now easily drill down and filter your facilities data to understand where an anomaly is coming from and resolve it quickly. Plus, you get the flexibility to configure thresholds so you can control what is considered anomalous on a per-facility basis.

image of data view showing anomaly where three months of data is missing

See data owners in facilities data summary

Within the data summary tab in manage facilities you can now use the “Data owners” dimension to group building data and utility data by owner.

drilldown view showing data filtered by data owner

We hope you enjoy taking these new capabilities for a spin.

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