Build a sustainable brand

Consumers want sustainable products—and they’re willing to pay a premium for brands that get sustainability right. Watershed helps you understand your climate impact, take action to reduce it, and build greener products for the next generation of consumers.

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Understand your footprint

Watershed quickly ingests your business data and analyzes your carbon footprint at every level—across your business holistically, and down to each product and supplier. We’re the only platform that gives you breadth and depth in one place—in weeks, not months.

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Screenshot of product showing net zero 2023 plan

Take action, today

We’ll help you identify hotspots and reduce emissions in your business, products, and supply chain—from farm to product, factory to store. Simulate the impact of different materials, manufacturing, transportation or packaging options, model different scenarios, and see the effect on your footprint over time.

Future-proof your brand

With Watershed’s audit-grade carbon measurement, you can set targets, track progress, and share your results with confidence. No empty promises: We’re here to help you deliver real results with real climate impact to make your customers proud.

Screenshot of product showing net zero 2023 plan
Screenshot of product showing net zero 2023 plan

Consumer goods resources

How do you actually make a sneaker sustainable?

Based on our work with KEEN Footwear, SKIMS, Warby Parker, and other consumer product companies, Watershed has come up with a solution to help consumer goods companies decarbonize.

Upcoming EU sustainability rules for apparel companies

Fashion is in the climate spotlight. In this guide we highlight the main sustainability programmes set to affect apparel companies in the EU and UK in 2023 and beyond.

Introducing Watershed Supply Chain

Introducing Watershed Supply Chain, the first solution dedicated to helping businesses reduce carbon emissions at scale across their supply chain. Our goal is to make measuring, understanding, and reducing emissions across businesses’ supply chains fast, easy, and effective.

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