Watershed platform overview

Everything you need to run a world-class climate programme

The world’s largest companies use Watershed to measure, report, and reduce their carbon emissions.

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Make real emissions reductions and run your business more efficiently, all on one platform.

Built for security and scale

  • Ready to use out of the box, with no costly integration or required implementation services, so you can get started fast
  • Flexible data ingestion formats to save time and reduce errors
  • Data governance and user access controls to protect your business data
  • Cloud-based software platform for industry-leading user experience, reliability, and scale
  • Unlimited logins so you can collaborate across your entire company

60+ prebuilt integrations with common business systems

We went from generic industry averages to a live model—built on our actual data—in just a few weeks. And this modelling opened up a thousand new routes to drive down emissions across our value chain.
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Stacy Kauk
Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund
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