Watershed for CSRD

Intelligent software for CSRD reporting

Take control of CSRD reporting and assurance on one complete platform.

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quantitative & qualitative data points, including Scope 3


global companies will be required to report

What is the CSRD?

Under the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), companies around the world will be required to report ESG data, with the same level of regulatory scrutiny applied to financial data.

To prepare a CSRD report, companies need to complete double materiality assessments, collect vast amounts of sustainability data across business entities, and pass an independent audit. With reporting deadlines beginning in early 2025, the fastest, most scalable way to satisfy CSRD requirements is with software.

Watershed for CSRD

Data collection & measurement, report authoring, and assurance for CSRD disclosures.

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Take control over ESG data collection

With Watershed's report builder, designed specifically for CSRD disclosure, you’ll know exactly what data you need based on your double materiality assessment. You can centralise complex data ingestion, automatically identify gaps, track progress by each standard and easily collaborate with stakeholders across your business.

Prepare for reporting activity

De-risk assurance

Watershed provides powerful data governance and audit tools to ensure your data meets rigorous standards. To stay on deadline, you can grant direct platform access to external auditors to view complete data lineage, inspect supporting evidence, and verify audit trails in parallel.

Data lineage and auditability

Leverage embedded expertise

Get expert guidance on how to respond to qualitative and quantitative questions from Watershed’s world-class policy advisors, environmental scientists and partners. Calculate reliable metrics with Watershed’s leading emissions database (CEDA) and verified methodologies.

Build your CSRD report

Maximise value with interoperable data

With Watershed, you can easily repurpose your CSRD data to fulfill other reporting frameworks, like CDP or ISSB. You can also build on past reports you've filed, so sustainability reporting gets easier year on year, not harder.

Reusable metrics data sheet

Watershed’s Policy Advisory Board

Our Policy Advisory Board includes many of the leaders shaping global sustainability standards and regulations. Their expertise informs Watershed’s products and services, which ensures our customers stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

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