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Reduce emissions by supporting carbon removal, clean power, and sustainable aviation fuel projects.

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Real results, high impact

Watershed vets every decarbonization project for quality, environmental impact, and climate risk. Only the top project suppliers are approved to join our Marketplace.

Enhanced weatheringOcean mineralization
Mineralization in concreteDirect air capture

Cutting-edge technology

The most advanced carbon removal projects historically required eight-figure investments most companies couldn’t afford or access on their own. With Watershed, you get the combined buying power of hundreds of companies—so you can access the leading edge of decarbonization.


Integrated with your business

Build a diverse portfolio aligned with your business priorities, commitments and reduction plans, then manage projects together with your key stakeholders. Centralize purchase records, scale supplier engagement, and see the impact on your overall carbon footprint, all on one platform.

Direct air captureKelp farming

Our methodology

Watershed experts vet projects against six key considerations:



Is carbon removed from the atmosphere that would not have been removed without this purchase?



Can we be sure the project is removing as much carbon as it claims?



How long will the removed carbon stay out of the atmosphere?



What is the risk of displacing activities that shift emissions from the project to another site?


Catalytic nature

How meaningful is the purchase in advancing research and development?



Other than the carbon removed, what is the impact of the project?

Meet the Watershed Science Advisory Board

Our expert science advisors guide Watershed’s platform development and vet Watershed Marketplace projects. This ensures customers have the most sophisticated, high-impact methods for emissions measurement and reduction.

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