A smarter, faster footprint

Actionable measurement for all your sustainability data

Intelligent data collection

Quickly collect the right business data with a flexible API and easy uploads. Watershed uses machine learning and algorithms to automate data categorization, identify errors, and detect anomalies so you can get a clear view of your environmental impacts.

Granular footprints, smarter insights

Calculate scope 1-3 emissions with Watershed’s advanced sustainability data engine. Use emissions factors based on deep climate research and public data, validated by third-party auditors, to identify where you can reduce emissions.

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Built for global businesses

The majority of carbon footprints rely on single-region models that fail to account for the global nature of supply chains. Watershed’s Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA) database takes into account the complexity of global goods and services production, with 60,000 emissions factors from 148 countries and 400 activities, and is updated twice annually.

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Track water, waste and pollution data

Track and manage emissions, water and waste and pollution data all in one platform. Collaborate on reducing your buildings’ environmental impact and share progress in company impact reports and disclosures.

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Ready for audit and analysis

With interactive data visualizations and a detailed audit trail, drill down into specific areas of your footprint. See the math and source files behind your calculations.

A bar chart showing where different sources of emissions come from, with an option to see how each calculation is made.

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Prepare disclosures

Watershed’s automated report builder brings your footprint data directly into the right format, and keeps an audit trail. Meet disclosure requirements, build on previous disclosures, and prepare regulatory submissions.

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