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For emissions you can’t reduce today, there’s carbon removal. Get exclusive access to high-integrity, fully vetted carbon removal and avoidance credits with the Watershed Marketplace.

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Remove carbon

Choose from a range of exclusively sourced nature-based and permanent carbon removal projects, from direct air capture and bio-oil sequestration to reforestation and biochar.

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Avoid emissions

You can also fund projects — sourced and vetted by Watershed — to plug methane leaks, destroy harmful refrigerants, and capture and sequester carbon.

Build your portfolio

We’ll help you build a multi-year portfolio of carbon projects to align with your priorities, diversify your credits, and secure supply. We’ll also centralize your purchases and work with suppliers for you to minimize your operational overhead.

Our methodology

Watershed’s team of climate scientists and carbon market experts evaluates every carbon removal project on six criteria:

Is carbon removed from the atmosphere that would not have been removed without this purchase?


Can we be sure the project is removing as much carbon as it claims?


How long will the removed carbon stay out of the atmosphere?


What is the risk of displacing activities that shift emissions from the project to another site?

Catalytic nature

How meaningful is the purchase in advancing research & development?


Other than the carbon removed, what is the impact of the project?

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