Insight Global's climate program protects revenue

The staffing services company can provide client-specific emissions reporting in minutes, not weeks

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When large enterprises are looking for support in hiring top talent, they turn to staffing services company Insight Global. The company tracked its partial carbon emissions for the first time in 2019 and subsequently realized that despite being “just a services company,” it had a bigger opportunity for climate impact than previously believed.

At the same time, market forces were underscoring the importance of building out a robust sustainability program. In addition to queries from critical clients about their climate plans, the company was seeing an increasing number of hiring needs in the climate and renewable energy industries, and wanted to attract discerning candidates.

Challenge: Provide clients an accurate view into emissions produced by their business

As Insight Global was reporting to CDP for the first time, it was getting a lot of in-bound requests about its emissions from its clients—who largely consist of Fortune 500 companies with ambitious, public sustainability commitments. Accuracy was critical.

Katherine Slater, Insight Global's Sustainability Program Manager, is responsible for building and reporting on its climate program. After a few years of measuring scope 1 and 2 emissions in-house, Slater saw room for a less manual process that could provide more accurate—and actionable—results.

Slater reflected, “I was Googling emissions factors and making my best guess at what fell into each scope. It was extremely tedious and scope 3 was incomplete.”

I didn’t feel confident that our footprint was externally legitimate and thought our sustainability work should be a business accelerator rather than a risk.

Katherine Slater

Solution: Use Watershed to get the numbers right

Insight Global implemented Watershed in early 2023 and Slater says, “it’s like night and day.” She reflected on the benefits:

”Better data helps us tie our climate goals back to our company goals and get buy-in from all levels. Clients take our sustainability work seriously, so we need to be aligned to continue to work with them.”
-Katherine Slater

Result: Save time and retain revenue

Insight Global’s climate program matured quickly, exceeding its team’s expectations of what it would be able to accomplish. Within months of working with Watershed, Insight Global was able to:

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