Announcing the Watershed Ecosystem

Driving exponential climate action

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Today, we’re announcing the Watershed Ecosystem: a new and expanded network of partners and advisors to drive exponential climate action at the world’s leading companies.

As Watershed has grown to power sustainability programs at every type of company, in every industry and region, we’ve seen how interconnected climate action really is. The actions one company takes have a ripple effect on its partners, customers, and suppliers. And with more companies participating in the climate economy every day, connecting those actions has become more important—and more impactful—than ever before. We have the opportunity to drive exponential climate action.

The new Watershed Ecosystem gives companies the tools they need to connect, scale, and up-level their climate programs—so that the actions they take aren’t incremental, but exponential. It includes:

Patrick Flynn has also joined Watershed as Advisor and Chair of Watershed’s CSO Council, which will convene sustainability executives from the world’s leading companies. Patrick has worked in climate for more than a decade and most recently spent more than seven years building Salesforce's industry-leading sustainability program.

Getting to net zero, faster: The Watershed Marketplace

The Watershed Marketplace helps companies accelerate decarbonization with a comprehensive selection of high-quality climate projects from around the world. The Watershed Marketplace is part of our platform, so you can manage purchases in one place, and match credits with your carbon footprint.

Projects on the Watershed Marketplace must meet an extraordinarily high bar for quality and demonstrate real results. We also bring together the collective buying power of companies to invest in major projects that would otherwise be inaccessible to most companies.

In addition to offering engineered carbon removal, nature-based carbon removal, high-quality carbon avoidance, and clean power projects from more than 45 different partners, we’ve added sustainable aviation fuel certificates (SAFc) to our expanded Marketplace offerings.

SAF is the best opportunity we have to reduce aviation emissions: it has the potential to cut the carbon intensity of flights by around 84%, but remains prohibitively expensive for most would-be buyers and constitutes less than 0.1% of total jet fuel supply today. Purchasing sustainable aviation fuel certificates will get more SAF into jets, and help companies compensate for their existing air travel that they cannot yet reduce. Customers can fund the replacement of fossil-based jet fuel with sustainable aviation fuel through a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA). Watershed will be a member of SABA and its first ever aggregator partner.

Expanding our partner ecosystem

The Watershed Ecosystem also includes an expanded set of consulting, technology and data partners, with deep platform integrations that extend capabilities for customers. Watershed’s newly announced partners are:

Watershed has previously announced partnerships with Workiva, CDP, Novata, and Google Cloud.

Watershed’s consulting partners help deliver all components of a world-class sustainability program. These partners help with measurement program management, decarbonization and target-setting strategy, stakeholder management, and reduction plan implementation. Watershed is now partnering with:

Watershed has previously announced partnerships with KPMG and Applied Value Consulting.

Science advisory board

Today, Watershed is also introducing a new Science Advisory Board, which brings decades of climate expertise to vetting decarbonization projects for the Watershed Marketplace, advising on Watershed’s industry-leading measurement methodologies, and consulting on the highest-impact reduction pathways.

These new board members join our existing team of climate and policy experts, scientists, investors, and advisors, including Dr. Sangwon Suh, Mark Carney, Christiana Figueres, and Al Gore.

Our Science Advisory Board will be chaired by Dr. Steve Davis, Professor of Earth System Science at UC Irvine. Board members include:

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