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How to thrive in the climate economy

The next big economic shift is underway—and it centers on climate.

Capital is flowing to companies that are preparing for a low-carbon future. Investors recognize that ignoring climate is risky, and that taking action brings enormous opportunity. Regulators are requiring businesses to disclose their carbon emissions alongside financial data.

All of this adds up to a new reality: the climate economy.

At Watershed, we want every company to thrive in this era of decarbonization. Our latest guide, Understanding the climate economy, will help you unlock new business opportunities, while also anticipating and avoiding climate risks.

We’ll share insight on how to:

  • Access capital and attract investment by setting proactive carbon-cutting targets
  • Find new opportunities made possible by the climate economy
  • Save on costs and reduce your footprint by switching to clean power
  • Purchase carbon removal responsibly

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understanding the climate economy ebook cover

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